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Veteran’s Outreach of Illinois

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Honoring our heroes by building communities that help homeless veterans gain back their independence.

Seven-hundred and thirty-six (736), that’s the current number of homeless veterans living in Illinois – that’s only a fraction of veterans that contribute to 13% of homeless adults, nationwide, and veterans only make up 7% of the U.S population (Census Bureau – 2020). Since 2010, the number of homeless veterans has declined by 50% through bi-partisan, and non-profit efforts (important to note that a steady decline in enlistment has likely also contributed to this). However, over 40,000 veterans are currently homeless nationwide, and any number more than zero (0), is simply “un-sat”

That’s why we are taking action, to do our part in Illinois to help these men and women get back on their feet. Through fundraising, volunteering, and partnering with other individuals, non-profits, and businesses, we’re working toward building tiny home communities throughout the state. These communities will serve as a hub that provides access to job training, mental and physical health services, and hopefully a comradery that has long been missed by the men and women who served our nation.

Veterans need and deserve the support of their countrymen.

We’ll be raffling off a big ticket item on Veteran’s Day to help raise more funds. Stay tuned for more details!

We apologize for the limited amount of information. We are currently updating the design and build of our website. However, if you have any questions about what we do, please use the contact information to reach out to us. Thank you for your patience!

About Us

Veterans Outreach of Illinois, a 501(C)3 not for profit organization to provide the outreach needed for individual homeless and at risk veterans to discover and receive the assistance needed. We are currently fundraising toward the goal of being able to build structured communities that help homeless veterans “get back on their feet” over a transitional time of two (2) years – enabling individual veterans to live in a veterans community and obtain the assistance needed with a goal of regaining independence, lifestyle, and housing to their full capability.